ID Card :

We offer best quality ID Cards for schools, Institutes, Universities, hospitals, government offices and more. We provides most of all types of ID Cards available in market. We committed for the quality and services.

ID Card Services : Complete ID Cards, ID Card Software, ID Card Accessories, ID Card generation online service

Image Editor :

User can edit or modify image online, can use it from anywhere.

Features : Crop, Resize, Text overlay, Merge Image, Effects, Rotate and many more...

Institute Management System :

A Institute/School Management system is a large database system which can be used for managing Institute's daily work. It is multi-user system and can be used by hundreds of users at same time. It can use it from anywhere.

Goals : Managing information on students, Employee, Teaching Process, Result Processing, etc...

Document Scanning Service :

We have great expertise in Document Scanning, Document Processing and Document Management system. We offer Document Scanning Service in Government Departments, Private Companies, Research Institutes, Libraries, Hospitals, etc.